Our products

Made by us.

The biggest challenge for our small business has always been finding suitable and quality products to put our images on.
In 2012 we bought some equipment so that we could print our own mugs - coasters and other items but have often found the supply of the blanks for printing are either limited in stock or inconsistent in quality. 
Wanting to be able to offer all of our images on every product so our customers can pick and mix their own choices also provides a challenge when we have over 80 images to produce on a range of products.

Trying to offer all of the above with the highest quality and affordability which to us is what small businesses are all about, we set out to replace and make our very own placemats - glass chopping boards and coasters.
Sourcing all the different materials from as many local companies as possible we set about crafting them by hand, learning and developing new techniques to make them the best they possibly could be.
The quality and consistency is now exactly what we set out to achieve and we are happy to continue to grow our little business making products that we can proudly say...we made that especially for you.

With 2020 becoming such a challenging time for business we took a leap of faith and bought our very own graphics printer that now allows us to print all our own Cards and waterproof stock for the chopping boards and placemats.
This give us the ability to print on demand rather than having 1000's of pre printed stocks.
A bit of a game changer as now we can have a new image on a card and products within hours of taking the picture.