10 Years of making Ewe smile

2022 marks our 10th year as Kitchy & Co
A name I hope you have come to love and trust for making you smile.
I won't bore you with all the details from the last 10 years of building a business out of a passion for animals and photography.
I have just been very luck to find a style that fits me.

I've learnt an awful lot along the way (and still continue to do so everyday)
Found ambitions to achieve and had failures to forget.

Smiled and laughed and maybe cried the odd time too.
But ultimately I've met some lovely people, awesome animals and made new friends far and wide. 

I am so very grateful to everyone of you who keep supporting what I do.... And I do love what I do, whether it is out taking photos or in the workshop making all of our products. Attending the shows or keeping the website up to date.
For me this isn't the time to look back.
The last few years has taught us more than ever that life is constantly changing. 
Onwards and upwards there is always going to be the next picture in my head, new animals and people to meet, more products to find and the next ambition to achieve.
Doing more to make us all smile :-)
It's a nonstop 24/7 kind of a thing, but I am very proud of what Kitchy & Co has become and you have all helped me make that possible.
Here's to the next 10 years xxx